Hello, we are Upcasted!

We create smart and reliable websites that sell.

We take care of your online presence and sales using customized solutions!

The websites we create will meet your highest demands because they are:


We create 100% custom templates so you won’t find an identical website anywhere on the Internet.

Highly Conversion Oriented

Our clients have earned up to 50% more by trusting us and our solutions.

very fast

When we deliver your website, we guarantee grade A performance on Pingdom.


Every line of code we write is tested and retested for security breaches!

mobile friendly

We take the mobile experience very seriously, and we develop the websites mobile friendly, using the latest trends.

search engine friendly

We always do our research when it comes to SEO, and we build the websites using the best-tested techniques.

easy to maintain

By you and/or by us, through a control panel (our clients have saved up to 40% in maintenance fees).


We can extend the website's functionality at any time, without using intrusive and expensive methods.


We can build custom Wordpress plugins or find the ones that best suit your needs, to extend the core functionality of the platforms.

We do things diferently!

Before we start building a new website, we take into account that each business is unique and it must perfectly reflect the vision, the voice and the personality of the company it represents. That’s why we get to the heart of our customers businesses to fully understand them and create something that fits their needs.

The website we create goes beyond a great design and functionality. It needs to be perfect, and a perfect website is the one that draws customers. After we develop your website, we analyze a large amount of data and make repeated changes, to raise the conversion rate as much as possible.

A website must be visually appealing, polished and professional. Remember, it's reflecting your company, your products, and your services. An attractive website is far more likely to generate a positive impression and keep the visitors connected once they land on it.

It's important to know that your website may be the first and only impression a potential customer gets of your company.

We go beyond borders to assist you in improving your business:

We can design your logo, brochures, banners, and any other offline marketing material.

We can help you choose the right tools to connect your employees to your website and train them to take full advantage of all opportunities.

We can match you with top-notch agencies from different domains: Photo, Video etc.

Our promise to you:

A Dedicated Project Manager

You will keep in touch with a dedicated project manager at our company.

Time Is Important To Us

We always deliver the completed and tested products, in time.


We assure you that any details regarding your project are safe and that we won't share any information with anyone unless you ask us to.

What they say about us:

What we say about us

Iulia Ram.

Hello! I am Iulia, the designer and front-end developer of the team.
If I have to describe myself in four words, believe me, you can find them in each website I make because I have a recipe for every project: 1 drop of craziness, 2 drops of happiness, 1 drop of unique vision and 3 drops of creativity.

Andrei Rebenciuc

Hi there, I am Andrei!
I will be the link between you and my team through the whole process of developing your project and after. I am the project manager and the backend developer.

Raluca Teodorescu

Hi! I am a copywriter based in Cluj-Napoca, specialized in website copywriting and blog content creation. If your business needs a professional website with high-quality content, my team and I are here to help.

Mihai Joimir

Hi, I am Mihai, the marketing strategist of the team. I will make sure your business is getting new clients and the existing ones reach your products, services and/or promotions easier.


A confusing website will drive away potential customers and you will lose the conversion. Your website has to fit into your overall brand strategy.

Contact us at:


+40 728 156 560
This is not a subscription service. We use this to contact you and help you take full advantage of the online market.