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Pixels and user actions tracking for WooCommerce + Auto-updated Product Feed

Marketing Scripts, Conversion Pixels & Product Catalog Feed

With support for Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel), Google Analytics, Google Ads Remarketing, Pinterest, Bing, TikTok Tag, and API tracking, our service covers all the essentials and more.


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Product description:

Introducing the Lightning-Fast Tracking and Feed Management Service:

Are you searching for a swift, hassle-free solution to supercharge your website’s analytics and marketing capabilities? Look no further! Our lightning-fast service delivers a comprehensive suite of tracking features and feed management options, ensuring your online presence stands out from the crowd. With support for Meta Pixel (formerly Facebook Pixel), Google Analytics, Google Ads Remarketing, Pinterest, Bing, TikTok Tag, and API tracking, our service covers all the essentials and more. Discover the remarkable features that make our service a game-changer:

Rapid Tracking of Essential Actions:

  • Automatically track critical user actions like clicks, embedded YouTube or Vimeo video views, form submissions, searches, downloads, user registrations, AdSense interactions, and comments.
  • Trigger custom events based on key actions such as page visits, clicks, scrolls, mouse-overs, and post types.
  • Enjoy seamless integration with WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads for unbeatable e-commerce tracking.

Effortless E-commerce Integration:

  • For WooCommerce, gain insights into your store’s performance with UTM tracking. Uncover your traffic sources, landing pages, and ad effectiveness.
  • Access detailed information about products sold through each campaign, ad set, or ad.
  • Capture crucial data including landing page, traffic source, UTM parameters (source, medium, campaign, term, content), and client’s browser time to enhance your understanding of customer behavior.

Streamlined Purchase Event Management:

  • Ensure accurate tracking by firing the Purchase event only once per transaction, eliminating multiple event triggers when customers revisit the order confirmation page.

Data Enrichment Made Easy:

  • Enhance order and user profiles with valuable information such as the landing page, traffic source, UTM parameters, client’s browser time, total number of orders, lifetime value, and average order value.

Swift WooCommerce First-Party Reports:

  • Uncover ad and traffic source performance with UTM tracking within WooCommerce. Visualize data within the service or export it as CSV for in-depth analysis.

Effortless Feed Management:

  • Automatically generate and update WooCommerce product feeds for Facebook Product Catalog, Google Merchant, Google Ads Custom Feed Remarketing, Pinterest Catalogs, and TikTok Catalogs.
  • Download feeds as XML or CSV documents for easy integration with advertising platforms.

Versatile Feed Types:

  • Facebook Product Catalog Feeds: Automatically updated XML feeds for Facebook Product Catalogs.
  • Google Merchant Feeds: Instantly generated XML feeds for Google Merchant.
  • Google Custom Feeds: Custom feed format for Google Ads Remarketing campaigns, perfect for regions without Google Merchant support.
  • Pinterest Catalogs Feeds: Automatic XML feeds for Pinterest Catalogs, available for download as XML or CSV documents.

Experience the unparalleled speed and efficiency of our service, combining comprehensive tracking capabilities and seamless feed management. Take control of your website’s performance, optimize your marketing efforts, and watch your online presence soar. Try it today and experience the difference for yourself!

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Pixels and user actions tracking for WooCommerce + Auto-updated Product Feed

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