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WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation

Increase revenue with automated follow-up emails featuring professionally designed email templates and personalized customer outreach. Unique checkout links with UTM and automatically generated, limited-time coupons. Seamless integration with your favorite marketing automation tools through webhooks.


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Product description:

Introducing our WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery Service!

Recover Lost Sales with Ease Are you tired of potential customers abandoning their shopping carts on your WooCommerce website? It’s a frustrating and revenue-draining problem, but we have the solution you need. Our Cart Abandonment Recovery Woocommerce plugin can have you set up and running within 24 hours.

Why Choose Our Service?

1. Send Follow Up Emails

  • Schedule a series of automated follow-up emails effortlessly.
  • No need for manual intervention; our system takes care of it all.

2. Proven Templates

  • Access professionally designed email templates.
  • Say goodbye to starting from scratch and hello to conversion-tested designs.

3. Personalized Emails

  • Increase click-through rates by addressing buyers by their names.
  • Reach out to the person, not just their inbox.

4. Convert with Coupons

  • Encourage users to complete their transactions with unique, limited-time coupon codes.
  • Turn abandoned carts into successful sales.

5. Unique Checkout Links

  • Provide each shopper with a unique checkout link.
  • Take them exactly where they left off, simplifying the purchase process.

6. Webhook Support

  • Seamlessly integrate with marketing automation tools like Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, and more.
  • Supercharge your recovery efforts with targeted campaigns.


What is Cart Abandonment? Often, shoppers add products to their cart and proceed to the checkout page, but for various reasons, they don’t complete the purchase. These incomplete transactions are known as “Abandoned Carts.”

Am I losing orders due to cart abandonment? Research indicates that a significant percentage—about 60% to 80%—of users who reach the checkout page fail to complete their purchase. Even the most optimized checkout processes still experience a 20% abandonment rate.

Can I use this service by myself without anyone’s help? Absolutely! Our service is designed for users of all skill levels. You can start recovering lost sales within seconds by initiating the follow-up process. Our system works automatically, so you don’t need any technical expertise.

Can this service be integrated with marketing automation tools? Yes, our service supports webhooks, enabling seamless integration with popular marketing automation tools like Mautic, Active Campaign, Campaign Monitor, and more. This means you can enhance your recovery strategy with targeted marketing campaigns.

Can I offer coupons to recover abandoned orders? Certainly! Our service can generate unique, limited-time discount coupons that can be sent through follow-up emails. It’s an effective way to incentivize customers to complete their purchases, and you have full control over this feature.

Will this service affect the speed of my website? Rest assured, our self-hosted service is optimized for performance. All data is stored in its own database table, ensuring it won’t impact your website’s speed or performance. Your customers will enjoy a seamless shopping experience while you recover more sales.

Don’t let cart abandonment eat into your profits any longer. Take control of your WooCommerce store’s recovery process with our Cart Abandonment Recovery Service. Setup is a breeze, and you can start recouping lost sales within just 24 hours. Say goodbye to abandoned carts and hello to increased revenue!

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WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation

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