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Zen Living

Zen Living’s website, created by Upcasted, captures the essence of an eco-conscious lifestyle. It provides a user-friendly experience for discovering products like essential oils and vegan options, aligning with Zen Living’s commitment to sustainability. The design emphasizes easy navigation, making it simple for customers to adopt a holistic and environmentally friendly approach to wellness.

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AI Image Generator

Step into the future of image generation with Upcasted’s AI Image Generator project, a vibrant and user-friendly presentation website that exemplifies innovation, creativity, and a commitment to high-quality visuals and user experience. In 2023, we brought this revolutionary tool to life, offering a doorway to boundless inspiration for creative minds and marketing professionals. With AI Image Generator, the creative process becomes more enjoyable and efficient, transforming ideas into “WOW!”-inducing images with a single click.

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Step into the delightful world of Cade in 2023, where Upcasted has masterfully crafted a presentation website that exudes professionalism and mouthwatering allure. Our design, seamlessly blending simplicity with high-quality imagery, entices visitors to explore a delectable realm, delivering an online experience as tantalizing as the desserts themselves.

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Casa Ideale

Upcasted unveil to our visitors a project that seamlessly blends minimalism and refinement for Casa Ideale, an online boutique specializing in premium furnishings for bedrooms and living spaces. The website’s design ethos exquisitely harmonizes with the world of high-end furniture, providing a user-friendly interface that effortlessly guides visitors to explore and select their perfect pieces.

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Welcome to the Tisa Spa Resort website, crafted by Upcasted in 2023. Our contemporary design and intuitive interface offer swift access to a world of wellness and relaxation, making it an ideal getaway for the whole family.

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Riga Consulting

Welcome to Upcasted’s 2020 project for Riga Consulting, where professionalism meets precision in web design. Our clean and straightforward website mirrors Riga Business Consulting’s commitment to safety and compliance, offering easy access to a comprehensive range of services.

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Upcasted is excited to present our 2023 project for Stylash, your online destination for all things eyelashes. Our design combines girly aesthetics with user-friendly features, offering premium eyelash products and an insightful blog. Experience a polished online presence that caters to lash enthusiasts and aligns perfectly with Stylash’s brand.

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Clasic Rent a Car

Upcasted is presenting our website for Classic Rent a Car Online Shop, designed in 2019 to redefine your car rental experience. Partnered with Casic Rent a Car, our platform offers well-equipped vehicles, transparent pricing, and a commitment to quality and convenience, all wrapped in a user-friendly design.

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Transylvania Makeup Series 

Upcasted skillfully created a vibrant website in 2021 for the ‘Transylvania Makeup Series: Back to the Roots,’ uniting global makeup artists. Our design, with its sleek black backdrop and intuitive interface, not only celebrated the art of makeup but also delivered a standout online presence, emphasizing the educational value of the makeup conferences.

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Discover Upcasted’s 2023 project for Elitur Trans, a transportation and courier leader in Romania and key European countries. Our website balances simplicity and completeness, offering comprehensive information and a user-friendly reservation system, presenting a modern and professional overview of their thriving business.

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