What Business Owners Need to Know regarding Google’s Enhanced Consent Mode for EU Advertisers


In the dynamic realm of digital advertising, maintaining compliance with evolving privacy regulations is paramount for business owners targeting audiences in the European Economic Area (EEA). Google, at the forefront of online advertising, is reinforcing its commitment to privacy-centric practices. For advertisers leveraging Google’s solutions and receiving data from EEA end users, it’s crucial to be aware of the updates to consent mode, especially given that the majority of websites possess cookie banners without the necessary integrations for this enhanced feature.

Strengthening EU User Consent Policy

Google is intensifying the enforcement of its EU user consent policy, extending beyond ad personalization to impact measurement features. This applies to data from websites, apps, and data uploads, underscoring the need for strict adherence to consent policies for a seamless advertising experience.

Adherence to these policies is especially critical for those using Google Analytics data with a Google service.

The Challenge: Cookie Banners without Consent Mode Integrations

A significant challenge arises as we acknowledge that a substantial number of websites deploy cookie banners, but lack the essential integrations for consent mode. These integrations are pivotal in conveying end-user consent choices to Google, aligning practices with evolving privacy standards and ensuring the continued effectiveness of digital advertising efforts.

Key Parameters in the Updated Consent Mode API

Google’s response to this challenge comes in the form of an updated consent mode API, introducing two additional parameters:

  1. ad_user_data: Allows you to set consent for sending user data to Google for advertising purposes.
  2. ad_personalization: Enables you to set consent for personalized advertising.

It’s imperative to note that disabling personalized advertising through allow_ad_personalization_signals achieves the same outcome as using ad_personalization. If conflicting values are set for both parameters, personalization is disabled. Upholding user choices remains paramount, making the implementation of ad_personalization crucial.

For a comprehensive overview of all consent mode parameters, refer to the consent mode reference provided by Google.

Urgent Steps for Advertisers

1. If you already use consent mode and don’t engage in personalized advertising:

  • No immediate action is required.

2. If you use consent mode and need to engage in personalized advertising:

  • If you use a Google-certified consent management platform (CMP), ensure it is updated to the latest version of consent mode. Collaborate with your CMP provider to facilitate this process.
  • If you manage your own consent banner, implement consent mode v2.

3. If you have a consent banner but do not use consent mode:

  • Given the prevalence of cookie banners without integrated consent modes, it’s crucial to take proactive steps:
    • If you use a Google-certified CMP, enable consent mode in your banner settings.
    • If your Google tags rely on user interaction with the consent banner, implement consent mode to avoid data loss.

4. If you don’t have a consent banner and do not use consent mode:

  • Recognize the significance of managing user consent.
  • Set up a consent banner on your website. If opting for a Google-certified partner’s banner, ensure consent mode is enabled in the settings.
  • If building your own banner, manually implement consent mode.


As Google fortifies its commitment to privacy in digital advertising, the prevalent issue of cookie banners without consent mode integrations poses a challenge for many websites. Business owners must proactively address this matter to ensure compliance, align with evolving privacy standards, and harness the full range of Google’s advertising capabilities while respecting user choices. In an era where privacy is paramount, addressing this issue is pivotal for a successful and ethical online advertising strategy.

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